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2007-Apr-23, 06:32 PM
I was just rewatching season 3 and noticed something interesting. When Baltar visits Roslyn in prison, she tells him that people are being tortured, but he is adamant that no one is actually being tortured.

Now, the cylons landed on New Caprica (as opposed to just nuking it from orbit) because they wanted to try and live in peace with humanity (naively thinking they could force peace at the barrel of a gun). Baltar appeared genuinely surprised when Roslyn said that torture was taking place. Is there any actual evidence that the cylons tortured humans? Admittedly, they arrested people, and admittedly, *after* the suicide bombings started they took a group outside the city to kill them, but before that, was there any torture?

The reason I bring this up is because of the odd case of the colonel with the missing eye. We got to see actual cylon torture when they tortured Baltar. They used electroshock. So, why did they remove an eyeball from COL Tigh? That doesn't fit with everything else that we've seen.

2007-Apr-23, 06:42 PM
Hmmmm... that's an intresting question.

Depending on one's definition of tourture, Leoben's treatment of Starbuck could count. He was certainly trying to break her.

2007-Apr-23, 11:00 PM
When I saw that episode, I thought that the missing eye should act as a symbol of the torture that was happening, without actually showing the act of torture. However, I did wonder when we would get an explanation, but it never came.

But now we know that Tigh is probably a "final 5", so does that mean we'll have to reconsider the meaning of the missing eye? In another thread, BAUT member publius mentioned that clues had been laid out, pointing to the identities of the final 5. Could the missing eye be a clue?

Darn. I gotta watch the entire series again.

Another thing that bothered me, was Bill Adama in one of the first episodes of Season 1. It's the episode, where Starbuck crashlands on a planet and escapes in a cylon raider. Adama is very insistent on searching for Starbuck, whatever the cost, relocating defences to the search and spending almost half the fuel reserve on a practically futile quest against all odds. I found his behaviour to be somewhat out of character, but let it go. Until now, where it is revealed that Starbuck is, if not a final 5, then at least "very special". Did Adama know, how special and important she was? Is Adama a cylon himself? Well, probably not. But still... :-)

2007-Apr-24, 06:02 AM
i haven't seen BSG for a year or more..
but, given how current events in the real world can be brought into television shows, i have to ask- did they show any pictures of humans naked except for hoods over their heads, and a young Cylon giving the "thumbs up" and smiling for the camera?

Disinfo Agent
2007-Apr-24, 12:45 PM
It shouldn't take too long before they do. Ron Moore is such an imaginative writer... :rolleyes: