View Full Version : Black Holes Could Provide the Seeds of Life

2007-Apr-24, 08:23 PM
You've heard it all before. Black holes pull with a gravity so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape. You would think that black holes are the place where everything goes to die, but it might be possible that black holes are the source of life as well. ...

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2007-Apr-30, 10:02 PM
Life's fountain.

2007-Jun-07, 04:00 AM
This makes perfact scence. Black holes suck matter and light and anything else in...sooo all the stuff that black holes suck in has to go somewhere so maybe the black hole has a "white hole" where it spits stuff out that it had sucked in...so its like a worm hole or something...maybe its a portal between dimensions.

This kind of thing gets my mind going!

2007-Jun-07, 04:02 AM
To my preveious statment i forgot to add this.

The black hole isent making new "life", life being used as a figure of speech, its just transporting it from one place to another giving us the elusion that its making life... It would be great if we could see something go into a black hole and it reapear someplace else.