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2007-Apr-25, 09:44 AM
Beauty and the Beast(s) II:
April 25, 2007
...Art McMaster, president and CEO of the Miss America Organization, said he initially was hesitant about Nelson (http://www.missorlandonow.com/images/allison.jpg) participating in the sting, but agreed after speaking with Nelson's father and the producers of "America's Most Wanted."... Breitbart (http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8ONAV2O0&show_article=1)

2007-Apr-26, 05:54 AM
oh, I like her! even is she IS blond.

(and that's not a flattering pic of her.. it looks.. awkward)

But she's putting her money where her mouth is, and that's good to see.

2007-Apr-26, 01:11 PM
Beauty and the Beast(s) II:
An article that had some information...
Around here, all the news probably picked it up from the same source, and the story sounded like she only let the police use her picture.

2007-Apr-26, 11:58 PM
We'll be able to watch the drama this Saturday night when the program airs:
..."The story was that they knew I was 14, and I told them I was cutting school to meet with them," Nelson said. "I stood outside on the porch, and I would say, 'Hi' to them and wave them inside." Once she entered the home with the suspect, Nelson said, she left the room, and police and...host John Walsh confronted the suspect...

2007-May-01, 07:22 PM
April 30, 2007
...Without Nelson available as a star witness, every case [11] she actively participated in during the undercover police sex sting may be up in the air, said [District Attorney] Spota. He called the police operation well-intended but "nothing more than a publicity stunt."...Nelson said she was never told that she might have to return to Suffolk to testify... Newsday (http://www.newsday.com/news/local/longisland/ny-liusa0501,0,218808,print.story?coll=ny-main-bigpix)

2007-May-02, 03:29 AM
without knowing more about the whole thing, I'd guess the prosecutor is speaking in tongues. All Nelson did, apparently, was stand at the door and let the guys in - and everything is on tape.

So I would assume - I didn't watch the show. If that is the case, though, her testimony is essentially meaningless. The prosecutor is miffed because he wasn't involved.

There you have it - my thoughts, worth exactly what you paid for them