View Full Version : Moon photos

paul f. campbell
2007-Apr-29, 01:37 AM
Hi all

Here are some Moon photos that I processed as tiff files then changed to jpg files to post on this forum. All are 30 sec. taken with my etx and a sac 7 ccd.

2007-Apr-29, 08:27 AM
Hi Paul - nice shots! You're getting better detail than I am with my current setup. Congrats!

Clear skies!


2007-Apr-30, 12:04 AM
I like the details.

Paul, which ETX do you have? Is it the 125?

paul f. campbell
2007-Apr-30, 02:41 AM
Hi guys

Paul thanks. Torsten my scope is a 125 etx

2007-Apr-30, 03:06 AM

I really like the mosaic of the terminator. Good work. :clap:


2007-Apr-30, 02:25 PM
They are all Fine shots getting really good at it. The mosaic one is my favorite. Well done Paul will be waiting for more.

2007-May-01, 04:53 PM
nice shots paul lots of detail there...

keep it up...