View Full Version : Sun from the poor man's solar observatory

2007-Apr-29, 05:41 PM
I tied a pair of binoculars to a tripod, and projected the sun onto a piece of white paper. I was surprised it actually worked so I took a picture. The red arrow is pointing towards the only sunspot currently visible on the sun.

2007-Apr-29, 07:39 PM
Nice work Triton.


2007-Apr-30, 12:16 AM
Hey, thanks for posting that. I was getting so tired of looking at the SOHO site to see if there were spots to image, that I simply stopped. Now I may try it before the sun disappears behind clouds. . . .

I used to do the same thing as this. I fashioned a cone from black construction paper and taped the white screen to its base, with a viewing port cut out of the side. It works really well, and it's even possible to estimate the size of the spots by measuring directly off the paper screen.