View Full Version : My take on Joe vs. Phil (Attn: BA!)

2007-Apr-30, 08:55 PM
Just whipped up a comic in comic life '06 real quick on my mac... I wanted to get the BA's approval of it, since he's in it... and I don't want to do anything that *might* be illegal.


There is some foul language, so if you're sensitive to that kind of thing you might not want to look, but for everyone else I think it's pretty funny. It's satire of Joe Rogan vs. Phil.

You might not want to check the URL given in the comic, cause there are some racially charged (albeit mostly for shock value) comics in there.

As a note, if the BA finds anything wrong with it or doesn't want his face used, I can take it off the site.

All that being said, what say ye, BAUT?

2007-May-01, 12:42 AM
That's cute!

2007-May-01, 01:27 AM
I don't know if cute was what I was looking for specifically. More like "True" or "Awesome". :p

The Bad Astronomer
2007-May-01, 03:20 AM
I think that's very funny and I laughed out loud. :-) I'm honored!

2007-May-01, 06:32 PM
I'm glad. I dislike Joe Rogan for a number of reasons, but his debate with you pushed it to the limit... Considering it was a yelling contest, and you don't seem like that kind of person. :p

Cheers BA! :)