View Full Version : SOFIA Makes its First Flight

2007-May-01, 06:09 PM
If you want clear skies for astronomy, you need to get above the atmosphere. At the top of high mountain is good, space is even better, but that's expensive. ...

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2007-May-01, 11:36 PM
it has been a while...

2007-May-02, 02:16 PM
I'm looking forward to this facility being available.

2007-May-03, 12:22 AM
I wonder how they deal with the vibrations and turbulance.

2007-May-03, 02:01 PM
I wonder how they deal with the vibrations and turbulance.

The telescope is isolated from the airframe in such a way that the telescope doesn't sense the normal motions and vibrations that would disrupt imaging. See the explanation at the Sofia FAQ (http://www.sofia.usra.edu/Sofia/faqs/sofia_faqs.html#T3) page.

2007-May-03, 10:03 PM
You could envision a fleet of these aircraft, with different equipment payloads swapped in and out. I'd love to see a comparison between SOFIA and other observatories, like Spitzer once it's actually operating. I wonder if there would be an advantage flying above the Arctic or Antarctica.

2007-Jun-07, 01:55 AM
To me this dosent seem like it would work at all...i meat the bumps and jitters a plan has seems like it would be very hard to focus on something.