View Full Version : Moon close ups and a mosaic

paul f. campbell
2007-May-02, 12:36 AM
Hi all

Here are a few close ups and a mosaic. All are 30 sec avi's at 1/100 of a sec 30 fps. processed in registax and saved as tiff files. Cleaned up in photoshop cs2, photofilter and noiseware. All were taken with my etx 125 and a sac 7 ccd with a powermax tele.

2007-May-02, 02:48 AM
Very nice Paul, All are fine shots i like the mosaic one. now shoot in mono and the pink tint won't distract the other areas or convert to greyscale, just a suggestion :) Well done Clear Skies

2007-May-02, 03:40 AM
Very nice pics paul!
Does anyone else notice the "flyover" look that the first one has, or am I the only one?

2007-May-02, 11:31 AM
Very nice shots Paul..I like the mosaic best -seems the sharpest
... I think i'd personally agree with the suggestion to convert to gray scale..maybe its just what we are used to ?

2007-May-02, 05:40 PM
great work, Paul!
I like the mosaci including theophil, cyrill, mädler and daguerr the most!