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2007-May-02, 06:50 PM
hi guys,

I had to do something else than moon imaging these days,...so I reprocessed the image of ngc 4449.
I had picked up some color artefacts, which I hadn`t noticed in the first olace around the bright stars.
this came from using "color range" when working on the colors of the galcxy, without realizing that the stars were "touched" also...

so here we are.
let me remind You of the data on the image first:

NGC 4449
irregular galaxy

date: 14th of april 2007
location: 35 km north of linz, 740m elevation - Austria
9" TMB Apo f/9
seeing 5-6/10
transp 8/10
3 hours luminance (2,4,8,12 minutes)
6x9 min R
6x5 min G
6x10 min B
(colors 2x2 bin)

preprocessing in AstroArt and Maxim DL
postprocessing in Ps CS2 and PixInsight LE

the image:

medium size: 1500 x

HR crop and more info here:

thanks for Your input!

2007-May-02, 07:06 PM
Very nice. Love the depth and variety of the colors.


2007-May-02, 09:14 PM
So beautiful Deetz!

Captain Kidd
2007-May-02, 09:39 PM
Nice, I wish I had had the time to do some astronomy shots too. Where we're living right now is almost pitch black at nights. My wife almost feels agoraphobic when the moon hasn't risen yet. Being a city girl, she was 28 before seeing the Milky Way. At first she complained about the thin cloud layer messing up the night sky. When I told her what it was, she was so happy to have finally seen it.

But now we're moving to town again. So bye-bye starry nights, hello dawn-to-dusk floods.

Although, I have to admit, at first glance at the thread title I was thinking, "wait, 4449 (http://www.rrsites.com/gtp/images/SP_4449.jpg) is SP not NGC".

2007-May-03, 06:31 AM
An Awesome photo diet. looking at the first post and comparing a large difference could be seen-Simply Wow and Beautiful. Clear Skies

2007-May-03, 04:57 PM

Congratulations on the Astronomy Picture of the Day!!

You've hit the big time!

And it is truly a great image.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

2007-May-03, 06:50 PM
thanks, Andy, Mike, Captain Kidd, Efrain `n Anday again!
much appreciated!
...phew! what a cool day!...(-:

2007-May-03, 08:42 PM
APOD! Deetz, you legend! Congrats!

2007-May-03, 08:46 PM
thanks Mike!!!

2007-May-04, 04:43 AM
Congrats Diets, You done again! Very well deserved my friend-Clear Skies

2007-May-04, 05:20 AM
Great work, Diets!! We are proud of what you achieve!!


2007-May-04, 09:09 AM
Hey Doc!

Nice shot!..
Thanks for sharing.


2007-May-04, 09:17 AM
...thanks again, Efrain, Phil `n Jean!
I`m very happy with all Your nice and friendly words, guys!