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2007-May-13, 04:27 PM
Has anyone here attempted astrophotography with a newtonian on a dob mount?

I know this sounds labor intensive and time consuming.
However, I was thinking of putting an object in center of the viewing field, taking an exposure of ≤ 1/30 second to eliminate star trails.
Then moving the scope to center the image and re:exposing.
Perhaps doing this 20 or 30 times. Then stacking the photos. I realize they will not be in alignment.
But I should be able to align the center object with something like RegiStax or something similar.
I guess this would not be of much advantage using a small dob. But I was thinking of the advantage of the photo speed of a large dob.

I am thinking either standard SLR digital or CCD camera (with software).

Any advice would be appreciated, can I do it or is it a waste of time?:)

2007-May-13, 06:28 PM

It is possible. See the following:


It does look like you have to have to have some help (and be slightly mad :lol: )


2007-May-13, 09:35 PM
Thanks Michael, looks interesting and I am probably jusy crazy enough to try it in some form.:)

2007-May-14, 06:17 AM
I have a 16" dob and have taken some pretty good shots of the full moon and Polaris. Jupiter "moves" too fast for the exposure time at f/4.5, and comes out slightly oblong.

Dave Mitsky
2007-May-14, 03:51 PM
Deep-sky prime focus astro-imaging is also possible with a Dob if an equatorial platform or stepper motor drive is used.


Dave Mitsky

2007-May-14, 03:52 PM
Thanks Tog,

I have got a couple of nice lunar shot through the dob. I have never tried planets or better yet DSOs.

Thing is I have access to an 18" dob at the club observatory and on a dark nights one can get some nice views. I thought there may have been some secret trick to using a dob for astrophotography.
I have piggy backed cameras on a barndoor and this sort of thing but I have never tried anything for nice DSO shots.
I suppose I could collect a bunch of gears and attach them to a washing machine motor and drive the club dob, but I don't think they would let me.:lol:

I have a 10" dob here at home. I may attempt bolting to to an EQ6 mount with drives. I may be able to do something with a CCD or perhaps even a web cam.
Although I am not sure one would get the same quality with the web cam.

Clear skies