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2007-May-14, 03:00 PM
Gamma ray bursts are the most powerful explosions in the Universe, releasing more energy in a few seconds than our Sun will put out in its lifetime. It's only been in the last few years that astronomers are finally starting to unravel the cataclysmic events that cause these energetic explosions.

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2007-May-14, 06:15 PM
"Government keeping some astronomy secret?...
Happens all the time!" Verrreee interesting.

2007-May-14, 11:37 PM
I'm not seeing this episode in the feed. :confused:

EDIT: It's there now - thanks.

2007-May-15, 05:13 PM
Here I am thinking that a gamma ray burst close to Earth would turn us all into Incredible Hulks...


2007-May-18, 01:48 AM
Hey Fraser

Lately I’ve been wondering about possibility of a GRB causing the supermassive black holes that are located in the center of galaxies.

Like seen here early in this clip - http://educatedearth.net/video.php?id=3169 – What they’re saying here is that the gas cloud collapsed into quasars in the formation of galaxies…but I think that a GRB may have caused the supermassive blackhole.

So I googled to see if anything can support my assumption

Here on #14: they say probably not http://www.astro.caltech.edu/~ejb/faq.html

Here they say probably yes http://www.aas.org/publications/baas/v30n2/aas192/abs/S043001.html

Here they give pros and cons http://www.citebase.org/abstract?id=oai%3AarXiv.org%3Aastro-ph%2F9812287

Who am I to believe? Did GRBs cause supermassive black holes in the formation of galaxies? I’m beginning to assume we may never know. That are your thoughts?