View Full Version : Request: a page with all the sources that are being walked through dayley for news

2007-May-16, 01:30 PM

I just saw this for fedora: http://planet.fedoraproject.org/
and i was thinking it might be a good idea to add something similair for universetoday aswell..

The idea is that you (probably fraser only) adds all his sites that he has in his watchlist that he looks through every single day in the hunt for news. Some news might not get posted on the universetoday main page but might still be of interest for some people so it could be a good addition to universetoday.

you could use tiny tiny rss reader (web based rss reader) http://tt-rss.spb.ru/trac/
it doesn`t have the looks like planet.fedora... but looks good anyway(looks like a real rss reader.. just online). but there are a dozen of those web feed readers so that`s up to you to sort out.

Good luck,

2007-May-17, 08:45 PM
Well, this is sort of my competitive advantage. It lets me jump on news quickly and scoop the other news sites. I'll think on this.

2007-May-24, 04:42 PM
I should think this is something Phil should hold close to his vest;)

2007-May-24, 10:17 PM
it might be a competithive advantage but it would also be good to have :) (atleast for me ;))

2007-May-24, 10:46 PM
I track about 400 sites a day. A mix of blogs, discussion forums, industry newsletters, and university research.

2007-May-26, 08:58 PM
400!!!! damn that`s crazy!! how do you even do that?
if you aren`t using a feed program i suggest you start doing (atleast for personal usage) :P will save you alot of time.

Want my help with making a feed reader like that fedora planet reader?
i think i can make it :) (i couldn`t find that in a existing script) you could ofcause make it (with my help if you want) and put it online in a special VIP place.. (vip.universetoday.com ? ;))

2007-May-29, 09:04 PM
i decided that i want to make this stuff anyway so i will make it soon :)
want to help or use it fraser? or first wait till it`s done?

i`m now having the idea to make the script a little more advanced than on that fedora planet site.. features i want to have in:

- Full view (like on fedora planet)
- List view
- category`s (example: space related news, X-Prize related news etc... etc..)
- admin panel
- option for the users to add a feed to a certain category (administator approval required)
- all news will be indexed in a database (full with all the news or short with just the links)

i probably come up with more stuff when i start in it.

and i`m having something different for you which i made yesterday and is nearly finished.. in the astrography part here on the forums i see alot of images with extra information inside of them with for example the used telescope and camera.... i made a php script which can do that trough a form. perhaps handy to offer here? some parts aren`t done (like adding in a bg image.. ex. stars and testing it with a real image.. but the basics work.

to see my current progress on it download this file and upload it somewhere where you have php + gd


2007-May-30, 12:04 AM
I do use a feedreader for most of it. I use Google Reader for that. And then I use another application called Website Watcher to keep track of the other sources that don't provide an RSS feed.