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2007-May-17, 05:13 AM
The Universe Today spaceport is happy to host the third Carnival of Space. This is a roundup of cool articles about space and astronomy from bloggers and writers from across the Internet. ...

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2007-May-18, 10:54 PM
I checked out Space Cynics web site because Fraizier is pretty good at suggesting worthwhile sites. I'm afraid this time was the exception. I'll post the entries below as they occured.

Be safe and be well all.

P.S. He has not yet posted my last reply on his blog so I'm putting it here. I won't be going back anymore to his site to see if he does post it or his reply. What an angry and bitter man!

http://space-cynic.blogspot.com/2007/05/one-year-later-refresher.html 05-18-07

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Well I guess it just comes down to attitudes. I gave up a 22 year medical career to start work in the aerospace field because I believe in it. Currently I am getting my Masters in Space Operations Management so I can do even more for manned space flight. That may account for my "time management" problem.

It's quite satisfying to see my handiwork launch into space and contribute in a small way to our future. Are there problems in the space program? Of course there is! But, there are many successes and I guess that is what I focus on and strive to get more of.

You say you worked 5 years at NASA and then chose to leave. Seems the only thing now you are doing for space is enjoying tearing down the programs and the people who believe in it.

Ironic isn't it? I see the glass half full and you don't. I spend my day working to advance our presence in space while you spend yours at the computer writing clever and negative blogs. I launch shuttles and further my education in my chosen field that I love while you launch blog entries insulting dreamers like me and launching nothing else.

Yes I do wish you many more birthdays and the maturing that will come with them.

Be safe and be well,


P.S. Universe Today, which I belong too, recommended your site. I will have to let them know that I have not found your site to be the space exploration advocate site as I originally thought, but more of a "cynical" and negative site that does not seem to be very productive to our dreams. I wish you would come back to the space program and find the “dream” again and help us achieve it. I know you think that your work was not appreciated or noticed but I’ve found in my short time here at KSC that good work is noticed. Sometimes not right away or in the regular format, but if the work is good and honest, it does have a way of popping up in at the right time. Who knows? If you were still here, you might see some of your good works you did previously already in use.

2007-May-19, 02:17 PM
It's far more polite to post a teaser (like the first paragraph) of someone else's post and then put a link to the rest, and then follow up with your reply to him.

I found his post to be interesting; not sure I'd call it cynical, but he does make some strong points very forcefully. What's the problem with that?

2007-May-19, 07:28 PM
My apologies for the lengthy post. Your right, I should have not posted the entire thing but just left a link to it. I am surprised you didn't see his post as cynical. Maybe it's just me that is perceiving things wrong. I just get tired of seeing people on the outside always tearing down the space program, yet never see them joining in and helping improve things. My apologies once again to the forum.

2007-May-20, 03:02 AM
"Conditions are never just right. People who delay action until all factors is favorable do nothing." - William Feather

“Do not let what you do not have, prevent you from using what you do have.” – Chinese Fortune Cookie

I guess that pretty much sums up my feelings on a better way to respond to the Space-Cynic Blog.

Be safe and be well all.

2007-Jun-07, 12:38 AM
I really like the pic but thats about it.

2007-Jun-07, 05:44 AM
I really like the pic but thats about it.