View Full Version : Best A.I. Character: Ships Round 2

Lord Jubjub
2007-May-20, 01:35 PM
Round 1 totals:

HAL from "2001: ASO" 31
Holly from "Red Dwarf" 17
KITT from "Knight Rider" 13
Andromeda Ascendant from "Andromeda" 13

Zen from "Blake's 7" 10
Orac from "Blake's 7" 10
V'ger from "Star Trek: TMP" 7
Nell from "Battle Beyond the Stars" 6
Max from "Flight of the Navigator" 5
Zorac from "The Gentle Giants of Ganymede" 3
Harlie Unit of LS-1187 from "Star Wolf" 1
Dahak from "Empire from the Ashes" 0

2007-May-20, 11:10 PM
I just have to go with Holly. HAL was impressive in one movie; Holly was entertaining for years and years.

2007-May-21, 12:00 PM
Holly was funny when Norman "I look like I just quit the Small Faces" Lovett played him. When they switched to Hattie Heyridge, he/she/it ceased to be funny. I think when people talk about how much they love Holly, they're remembering the first episode ("They're dead Dave; everybody is dead, everybody is dead, Dave!") and his opening narrations, which stopped after the second year.

Roy Batty
2007-May-21, 02:48 PM
Yeah, ditto what Parallaxicality said :), although I didn't mind female Holly too much. I voted HAL anyway.

2007-May-21, 10:35 PM
I voted for Holly, as he gets all his knowledge from "The Junior Encyclopedia of Astonomy" and managed to fool the crew for months that they weren't drinking dogs milk.

2007-May-23, 09:01 PM
"I think they all done it."

Lord Jubjub
2007-May-25, 11:58 PM
Allow me to bring this to the top of the board for the last couple of days.

Dr Nigel
2007-May-27, 09:25 AM
Looks like HAL has a clear lead at this point (I voted Holly).

2007-May-27, 08:30 PM
I guess most people find HAL somewhat realistic, and therefore interesting. An AI going mental like it does could conceivably happen in the not so distant future. Holly is funny, but doesn't wake any real emotions in people. That's why I prefer HAL, at least:)