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2003-Jun-16, 02:30 AM

A load of crap.

2003-Jun-16, 02:37 AM
Yes, I mentioned it here:


2003-Jun-16, 01:15 PM
The blind leading the blind - its summer - get out and get a life instead of spending hours upon hours on this forum attacking websites that you dont agree with.

Very sad!!!

2003-Jun-16, 01:18 PM
First of all, there are many Australians on this board. Second of all, what's even more sad is you wasting your summer coming onto this board, telling us we're sad, especially after you've made a load of unfounded pseudoscientific assertions that have been debunked, and you have offered no response to the debunkings.

There are many pending questions for you to address.

2003-Jun-16, 08:05 PM
Santa, perhaps you should tell that to the people who run these websites. We don't attack websites simply because they don't agree with them, but becasue they are wrong, plain and simple. The "evidence" they produce is just wrong and they are denying an historical event. Apollo is one of mankind's greatest legacies, and some of us will simply not stand for individuals like these who attack it, especially as they rely on false information.

get out and get a life instead of spending hours upon hours on this forum attacking websites that you dont agree with.

We do have lives. Most of the people here are either students, scientists, engineers, or astronomy entuhsiasts. This is part of our lives. Apollo is arguably one of mankind's greatest achievements and we will not stand to have it attacked by a bunch of, shall I say it - morons. Are you suggesting we let it be, even though it is totally wrong? Should we then, using this logic, ignore those who believe the Holocaust was hoax? Denying Apollo is tantamount to denying the Holocaust.

Also, of all people, you certainly are not in a position to say this. You have spent time here, dropping insults and promoting pseudoscientific claims. When we destroy them, you simply tell us to "get a life." Well, for some of us, Apollo is an important part of our lives, as it is an important part of history and science. If you want to make this statement, then you should leave this board, as well.

To give you an idea of the credibility of the some of the people we are attacking, consider the e-mail I got from NASAscam today. (Yes, I got another, but the friend whose address I was using deleted it :-? ). He threatened to hunt me down and bake me in a "radiation oven." Of course, this does not worry me, as I do not know what a "radiation oven" is, nor am I likely to find out in the future.

So, either you should get your definition of a "life" and leave, or stop insulting us about the same thing- yes, we do attack websites. Yes, they are totally wrong. And yes, you have promoted the same garbage that they have.

2003-Jun-16, 08:29 PM
I don't consider it a waste of time to correct misconceptions regarding science and technology. Keep in mind that for some of us, things like physics and chemistry and those things are just as familiar a tool to us as the cell phone is to the salesman or the camera is to the photographer. It's not a matter of "disagreeing" with these web sites. Those sites are just plain wrong, and it's not a matter of opinion. Is the sky green? Do rocks float in water? Are basketballs filled with bread dough? That is the level at which most of us can see the error in these books and films and web sites. You want to believe that "the truth" lies somewhere in the vague ambiguity of what you don't personally know.

It ain't gonna happen. There are simply far too many people in the world who know far more than conspiracy theorists do about how the universe works. If you want to make it a matter of whom you trust, I suggest you trust people who actually build things for a living instead of people who laugh all the way to the bank with your money.

2003-Jun-16, 08:35 PM
its summer

Plus, it's not even summer.

Before you insult us any more, answer the questions that have already been asked in other threads. As Glom said, there are several issues that you need to address.

2003-Jun-16, 08:58 PM
Most conspiracists aren't able to deal with substantive objections to their claims. They typically get -- and therefore learn to expect -- simple rejection or accusations of mental illness, etc. Thus they can legitimately argue that their claims haven't been substantively addressed. But if you substantively address them and supply the actual principles of the governing sciences, this invalidates their "script" and they have to resort to name-calling and basically falling into the same traps as they expect from their listeners. Santa and his ilk essentially admit they are not able to look at the issues with the same rigor and lack of passion as their opponents.

Remember, conspiracists seek to create a "universe" in which they are superior. The "science" in this universe is basically raw intuition augmented with speculative "new age" physics and bolstered by fragmentary rudiments of whatever is recalled from high school. In order for this universe to be credible to them, other people have to live in it. Thus there has to be a group of people willing to subscribe to the principles according to which this universe operates. Uninformed objection to these principles isn't a threat. But informed objection is. Intrusion by actual science bursts the bubble, and the conspiracist is forcibly reminded that the real world is a lot more complicated, and operates according to considerably less forgiving rules, than the one he has formulated. And according to those rules he perceives himself to be inferior.