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2007-Jun-19, 04:01 PM
Ok; I wouldn't call it a scam, but I certainly don't call this a giveaway.
Woman Holds Contest To Give Away Ice Cream Shop (http://www.newsnet5.com/money/13526708/detail.html)

Contestants will have to pay $250 and write a 500-word essay explaining why they want the store....After Sliman receives 3,700 applicants, two independent judges will pick a winner.

Not bad, nearly a million dollars no risk. And possibly some interest income in the interum.

Bou Sliman said she was urged to buy the business three years ago by her daughter, who was six at the time.

Talk about a good business advisor...:lol:

2007-Jun-19, 04:04 PM
Sounds like the movie plot of 1996's The Spitfire Grill:


2007-Jun-19, 04:59 PM
I'm a little skeptical that she'll be able to get 3,700 interested in buying a business, even if for just $250. Yes, that's a great deal *if* you win, but you still have to be jobless/ready to take on the responsibility of being self employed. Oh well, I enjoy creative marketing/entrepreneurship. Good luck, I guess.

2007-Jun-19, 05:30 PM
Geez. For $250, you can buy out the remainder of a lease for a site (which may or may not be feasible, but if she's unloading that cheap, I have little hopes for the "location" component of her "profitability".)

Add to that maybe $1000 dollars of operating hardware, and whatever ice cream she has left. What a deal. I'm sincerely underwhelmed. I may faint from the lack of adrenaline.

2007-Jun-20, 03:04 AM
I've seen a number of these over the years. Typically they never get the number of entries needed. Sometimes they return the money.....