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2002-Feb-22, 04:49 AM
Is anyone familiar with the brand name Tesco in telescopes?
Know if the optics are decent or not? There is a store here in Fl. going out of business and they are liquidating everything they happen to have some SC scopes fairly inexpensive.

That leads me to another question, anyone familiar with any astronomy orgs in Tampa area or there abouts ?


PS I know humidity in Fl stinks but what can I do (other than move).

2002-Feb-22, 11:36 AM
hey there darasen. It's pretty much standard issue to say stay away from department store scopes such as Tasco. The optics are usually pretty bad, and will usually only allow a decent view of the moon. Also, the mounts are crappy, the eyepieces as well. They boast about incredible magnifications that just aren't realistic with such a scope. Save your $$$ and get a good 4 to 6" dob. from Orion or some other reputable company. You'll get MUCH more enjoyment out of it! Wally

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2002-Feb-22, 12:39 PM
Sky & Telescope has a listing you can search here (http://skyandtelescope.com/resources/organizations/)