View Full Version : Moon Mosaic photos from 6 24 07

paul f. campbell
2007-Jun-24, 07:25 PM
Hi All. Here are a few Mosaic photos of our Moon. All photos were 20 sec avi's at 1/100 of a sec 30fps. Taken with my etx 125 and a sac 7 ccd with a maxpower tele, and a lite red filter, from my home in Washington Pa.

I processed the avi's in registax 4 and cleaned them up in photoshop, helicon, photofilter and nosiware. I hope you enjoy Paul

2007-Jun-25, 12:27 AM

Nice shots. I like the contrast -- the bright parts aren't washed out and there is detail in the maria (sp?).

2007-Jun-25, 12:48 AM
I really like the way I get a sense (just from thumbnails of partial pictures of the moon) of the roundness of it.

That must mean something (about the quality of the work).

2007-Jun-25, 03:23 AM
Hi Paul All are great shots, Well done!

Joe funk
2007-Jun-25, 12:02 PM
yeah they look great.

2007-Jun-28, 02:49 AM
Hi Paul - once again, these are great shots! :)

It is so neat to be able to stitch multiple images together to create these. What impresses me is the vastness of the Moon, and the endless shadows from the countless number of craters compound the drama of the barren landscape.

Thanks for posting these!

Clear skies, my friend!


2007-Jun-28, 05:49 AM
to congratulate you for getting the first image you posted above in this thread selected for the "Astrosphere for June 27, 2007" section on Universe Today!

I just got an e-mail a little after 10:30 p.m. (PDT), and there it was!

Way to go!!! :)

Clear skies!


paul f. campbell
2007-Jun-28, 10:49 AM
Hi guys. Thanks for looking and thanks for the feed back. I have some prime focus mosaic photos that I will post later.

Paul Thanks for the congratulation.