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2007-Jun-25, 07:45 PM
I hope everyone out there had a great weekend. Here's what's happening out in the astrosphere.

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2007-Jun-26, 02:01 PM
Phil invited a firestorm when he used new evidence that may help explain the angular momentum of the solar system to debunk 'creationist' who have leveraged this gap in scientific knowledge to wage an argumentive war from the pulpit. Although I don't mind Phil's approach, I have always thought it was somewhere between silly and naive to use a gap in knowledge to advocate [voodoo, witchcraft, whatever] magic power you wish to invoke without assigning causality.

The attitude of the scientist should always be that the scientific method will provide useful answers in well-controlled experiments. It is equally scientific to say 'we don't have an answer for that problem today - hopefully we will have a good answer someday, and if you would like to, you could step away from your pulpit and use scientific methodology to look for one.'

Meanwhile...if the sun used some mechanical braking method to reduce angular momentum, is it not possible that Jupiter came screaming into the solar system in a wildly elliptical orbit that was gradually circularized by electromechanical braking as well? Is it just a coincidence that Jupiter contains most of the angular momentum of the solar system and also has the largest magnetic field? Is there a non-standard scientific solution to this problem?