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Larry Jacks
2007-Jun-27, 08:13 PM
In the grand tradition of the Despair.com Demotivator collection (http://www.despair.com/viewall.html), someone has created a collection of military theamed posters. If you have never been in the military, you may not understand some of the jokes. If you have, you'll probably bust a gut. Some of them are politically based slams at certain politicians (well deserved, IMO).

One of my favorites is Understatement (http://bp1.blogger.com/_SCjVUmrlWDc/Rnv7ZFKkZOI/AAAAAAAAAUU/yRMJcjHu8_Q/s1600-h/2007.06.21UNderstatement.JPG). It's based on a news story from last week. You gotta love the Aussies!

As for this (http://bp0.blogger.com/_SCjVUmrlWDc/RnqCrFKkZII/AAAAAAAAATk/fChY03VgQb0/s1600-h/2007.06.19Encouragement.JPG) and this (http://bp1.blogger.com/_SCjVUmrlWDc/Rnf0GFKkZGI/AAAAAAAAATQ/8V5r6UfeMwk/s1600-h/2007.06.19Basic.JPG), if you have not been there, you just can't understand. Been there. Done that. Done that (http://bp3.blogger.com/_SCjVUmrlWDc/Rm_TKlKkY0I/AAAAAAAAARA/s-VH7-kpIbA/s1600-h/2007.06.13Agenda.JPG), too.

2007-Jun-27, 08:19 PM
Been there. Done that. Done that (http://bp3.blogger.com/_SCjVUmrlWDc/Rm_TKlKkY0I/AAAAAAAAARA/s-VH7-kpIbA/s1600-h/2007.06.13Agenda.JPG), too.And ToSeeked (http://www.bautforum.com/showthread.php?t=55433) :)

PS: oops, my mistake, these are new, right?

Larry Jacks
2007-Jun-27, 08:23 PM
Demotivators were covered in a previous thread but the Military Motivators are new.

Lord Jubjub
2007-Jun-27, 09:37 PM
This (http://bp2.blogger.com/_SCjVUmrlWDc/Rnk5j1KkZHI/AAAAAAAAATY/uEXfBsFDg-0/s1600-h/2007.06.19Flexibility.JPG) is one I'm all too familiar with. The army can make more decisions before nine o'clock than most people do all day. Unfortunately, all of them contradict each other.

This (http://bp3.blogger.com/_SCjVUmrlWDc/Rm_WxlKkY1I/AAAAAAAAARI/JYAy2t4WA6s/s1600-h/2007.06.13LimaLimaMike.JPG) one is also true for certain seargents. Had one radio in for directions and stated his position as 'on a hill'. This was in Germany.