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Mild mannered
2007-Jul-02, 09:43 AM
Hi all - just got back with the kids from Euro-Disney - a hoot - and caught up on a few threads - still pondering DM and recently had these thoughts.

I was trying to get my brain around how something could exist and have Gravitational properties yet be invisible and untouchable - for a while this was very counterintuitive and I was struggling - still am, but have a different way of looking at it that might be wrong but helps my brain.

Imagine being in the bath - half submerged - with all your toys floating around you - rubber ducks, submarines - whatever you play with in the bath - you know you do!

If you consider the surface of the water as our Universe and the effect of water surface tension as an equivalent to Gravity it is amazing how similar it is - if you get bubbles floating randomly across the surface and poke your finger through the water they are attracted to your finger just like when mass is "poked through (exists in) and warps space-time - just think of Gravity as surface tension interferance (of Space-Time) but in all directions at once not just on a single plain, though of course this is not an exact anology - but please bare with me.

My hand and indeed most of my body are under the water - essentialy in a different plane of existance or dimension to the small area that interacts with the surface of the water - unseen and not in contact with anything on that plane - yet my bulk does still warp the surface of the water and if I move my hand fast under the water quickly I can drag the surface in various directions thus interacting with it but remaining in a totally differnt "Dimension" to my ducky.

He feels the effects but can never interact with or see my hand.

I'd say Dark Matter could be normal matter but "under the water" - in a different plane/Dimension but still warping space/time to give us the effects we observe - in effect giving us a way to observe and measure the mass in Dimensions we might only otherwise guess existed.

Also it might be that Dark Matter is static in it's own Dimension and we are accelerating by expansion past it with our Space/Time eddying and warping as it rushes past.

Ah nurse - medication time again already....

2007-Jul-02, 02:44 PM
Sounds like another way of saying this:-
"our Universe is a five-dimensional anti de Sitter space and the elementary particles except for the graviton are localized on a (3 + 1)-dimensional brane or branes."


Himanshu Raj
2007-Jul-02, 02:55 PM
The fifth one?

Its vibrational frequency. This frequency is super imposed on matter and energy at the sub atomic level. This would be called its resonant frequency. The fifth dimension has many different levels. I read it in the article Parallel Universes and Density Shifting (http://www.grantchronicles.com/astro15.htm)

Mild mannered
2007-Jul-03, 08:44 AM
Great links guys
And yes you phrase the matter much better than me.
I wa putting the matter in a freindly jocular context but the issue is of serious intent - I was trying to conceptualise another diemnsion in which DM might exist. Imagining the surface of the water as our 3 regular dimensions and under the water as a fifth (with time of course the 4th) was the only way I could manage it. I also liken it to the bubble image of an inflating Universe where we exist on the skin of the bubble - inside the bubble is a sperate dimension.

I can't do any of the math in the links but they were very inetersting