View Full Version : Good News! Sis Passed the Boards! She's An RN!

2007-Jul-02, 09:45 PM
Kid sis passed the boards! She "r" an RN! Regestered Nurse to you astronomy types. First try too. 4.0 gpa!

But big brothers being big brothers we are telling her. Oh! so you are finally liscensed to stick your finger in other peoples keisters are you?

Anyway Sis started down this road over ten years ago when she thought she wanted to be a paramedic. But paramedics have to do a LOT of stretcher lifting and it got to be too much, so she did ten years as an emergencyroom tech, both in Atlanta and here in San Francisco. Finally decided she was getting too old to continue halfassing it and went for it. I know the feeling.


Seems they come in two flavors.

One mind set is they make it hard for you during the courses to "weed out the weak and unfit". A carry over mindset from the 19th and 20th centuries I'm sure. You know, if it doesn't sting it isn't working, etc. etc.

The other believes that getting all the prerequisites constitutes the weeding out process and try to do everything to get you to pass.

If both schools go to the same boards and can produce qualified graduates then its probably time someone faded into history.


2007-Jul-02, 09:49 PM
Congrats to her. My mom's a retired RN too, she was an OR nurse.

The Backroad Astronomer
2007-Jul-02, 10:32 PM
well congrats to her and your brother, seems like your family is doing well lately, except for your problems.

2007-Jul-03, 01:09 AM
Congratulations! Good (and long and hard) work!


2007-Jul-03, 03:31 AM
Congrats kid sister. Good field to go into, there are always openings for RNs. I hope she enjoys it.

Tobin Dax
2007-Jul-03, 04:05 AM
Hey, I know what an RN is! My dad did some nursing (in nursing homes) for a while when I was young, and I spent enough times in hospitals that I do know the term.

Congrats to your sister, though.

Also, Engineering and Physics programs seem to work on one of the same two principles.

2007-Jul-03, 04:29 AM
Good for her! I have vast respect for nurses. My parents have spent a lot of time in hospitals the past couple of years (Mom just a week and a half ago) and while you might see a doctor for five minutes once a day, the nurses are there for you all day long.

There's a real demand for the profession now, at least in this area. Lots of them got out of it due to continual abuse by the employers 10-20 years ago. Now it's coming around, and high time.