View Full Version : Trekkies: The Documentary

2007-Jul-09, 03:13 PM
I watched Trekkies (http://imdb.com/title/tt0120370/)last week with some friends.

I'll admit it . . . I laughed loud and long.

peter eldergill
2007-Jul-10, 02:03 AM
I saw it, very entertaining....did you know there's a sequel to it?


PS james, cool pic of serenity

2007-Jul-10, 03:35 PM
No, I didn't know there was a sequel; I'll have to look for it.

I have to admit--throughout the film I kept having "There but for the grace of God" moments.

I watched this with a bunch of friends, which made the whole thing more fun, because we were able to cut up and laugh with each other. I think if I had watched it alone I would have been much more creeped out.