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2007-Jul-12, 01:32 AM
you guys are going to love this:

A Real World Physics Problem - Video (http://www.maniacworld.com/real-world-physics-problem.html)

2007-Jul-12, 01:54 AM
Waste of time (about 4 minutes) to me.
Truer words... :(
...this truly was a stupid problem - even Albert Einstein himself would have been distressed.

Tobin Dax
2007-Jul-12, 08:04 AM
Who lies in a bathtub with their head at the faucet end?

On topic, was that the whole problem? It seems like there might be something more to it.

Kids with attitudes like that bother me, since it's hard to get someone to learn when they don't want to. The fact that he's spreading such an attitude really irks me.

2007-Jul-12, 08:34 AM
Seeing the Light by David S. Falk, Dieter R. Brill, and David G. Stork

From the description of Physics 106 (http://www.physics.umd.edu/courses/Phys106/xji/) (Light, Perception, Photography, and Visual Phenomena) at the University of Maryland (Brill is a professor on the physics faculty (http://www.physics.umd.edu/people/faculty/)), which uses the book:
This course is designed for non-science major students to learn about the phenomena of light, vision, color, and photography, etc. The math requirement is kept at a minimal level. In some sense, this is a cultural course which intends to demystify the physics phenomena through scientific approaches and illustrate that physics is fun.