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2007-Jul-15, 07:54 PM
1.mistake - Sulfuric acid lakes and glowing earth from heat
note "sulphuric acid lake..."
No sulfuric acid lakes are on Venus.Venus's surface is actually hot enough to chemically decompose sulfuric acid, which is present only in the higher and cooler regions of atmosphere as haze and clouds and 470 deg. Celsius is a far cry from the temperatures required to make rock glowing that are around 1000 deg..

2.mistake - 61 Virginis having the right temperature range
"Officially designated 70 Virginis b, the planet is nicknamed 'Goldilocks' because it is just the right temperature for life as we know it."
Actually, that planet recieves much more insolation than Venus (sometimes even more than Mercury due to it's eccentric orbit) and any large hypotetical moons will be almost certainly of "Cloudless Venus" sort; a hot greenhouse worlds that are too hot to have clouds of water or acid in it's atmosphere ad so having a semi-transparent thick CO2 atmosphere and higher surface temperature than Venus.

3.mistake - An Empire-strikes-back (Star Wars like view) of snow white asteroids presented as actual view of the main asteroid belt -
"A view of the Asteroid Belt. The large spherical body is Ceres, by far the largest of the asteroids, but the Belt contains hundreds of thousands of smaller, less regular bodies."

Ok there are none huge mistakes but these things are a bit misleading.
Also including multiple names for the same object such as "Morning Star"" "Evening Star" and "Venus" in the list of major planets seems to be a bit misleading because begginers may think that they are separate object while they are multiple name for Venus.
Or "Red Planet" and "Mars".

Also that there are only a few extrasolar planets listed (and there are details for only 1, the 61 Virginis and even these are wrong) seems to be a bit odd and misleading for me because beginner may think that there are only 6 exoplanets discovered so far while there are actually 241.
And that site has Pluto as a minor planet so it was updated not long ago.

2007-Jul-15, 08:05 PM
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