View Full Version : Saturn's Moon Iapetus Enjoys Eternal Youth

2007-Jul-17, 06:27 PM
Saturn's moon Iapetus is one of the stranger objects in our Solar System. Unlike other objects its size, Iapetus is walnut-shaped, with a clearly defined chain of mountains along its equator. ...

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2007-Jul-17, 07:42 PM
One other idea is that Iapetus once had its own temporary ring system, that formed afer a major impact. That ring then collapsed forming the equatorial ridge.

This effect can be seen to a much more obvious extent with the moons Atlas & Pan.

Below Atlas with its large waistline.

Andrew Brown.

2007-Jul-17, 09:37 PM
That is one straight line of mountains! If I didn't know better, my knee-jerk reaction would be that it looks like a seam!

I wonder; if we cracked it open, would it be hollow, and a few million aliens in stasis come spilling out? :)

(I am JUST kidding here, but it IS eery!)

This solar system provokes more and more questions the more we learn about it. And the article about geysers on Charon (and possibly on other KBO's) - this sort of thing reinforces the idea that, at least here in our solar system, life couldn't HELP but emerge, with so many unrelated-but-still-mutually-interacting mechanisms around to help it get jumpstarted.

2007-Jul-18, 05:18 AM
My thought is that the moon still has the seam like on something cast in a mould?

Har har.

But in reality, I agree with 3488's theory, that it could be a collapsed ring system.

2007-Jul-18, 05:21 AM
I'm not sure it's big enough to gain/keep one, let alone for such a system to gravitationally 'collapse' like that. I guess it's as good a theory as any other, though.

I think I'll stick with the weld-seam theory for a bit...just for schitzengrinz. :)

2007-Jul-18, 07:20 AM
Possibly the relic of a really soft contact merge?