View Full Version : Listener Request (not topic related)

2007-Jul-17, 11:10 PM
I understand as an audiophile and producer why it's done, but it's very distracting when listening to the show.

Could you please leave some breathing room in your conversations back and forth?

When the audio is edited, whoever is doing it is taking every breath, and every second of silence out between the teo of you, and it makes it hard to listen to. Unnatural.

It's like watching an old episode of Dragnet, where as soon as one person stops, the other person is instantly answering without thinking.

Comas ARE our friends.

Let Pamela breathe. I don't mind.

Edit out mistakes, and long pauses, but don't make you both sound like a run-on sentence. That's all.

Not being nasty... just an observation. It doesn't sound natural that way.

I know you're trying to make the file size as small as possible, but I'd rather listen to the show the way I would hear it if you did it in my living room. (No puns please!)


Mike (aka Evil Eye) in Mount Dora.