View Full Version : Seagull raids shop for Doritos.(video)

2007-Jul-20, 10:24 PM
A seagull has turned shoplifter by wandering into a shop and helping itself to crisps. The bird walks into the RS McColl newsagents in Aberdeen when the door is open and makes off with cheese Doritos.


Peter Wilson
2007-Jul-20, 11:49 PM
They've been helping themselves to fish in the sea for so long...it was bound to happen :)

2007-Jul-21, 12:34 AM
Walking through the grocery parking lot, I spied a bird, maybe a gull, but probably a crow, trying to fly off with a dropped small bag of chips. Hmm, it might have actually been Doritos. He couldn't take off and dropped the bag as I approached.

Amused that a bird would covet a bag of chips, I ripped it open and spread the contents around to his and his friends' delight.

4 out 5 birds prefer Doritos brand chips.TM