View Full Version : Jupiter + GRS + Ganymede - 22nd July

2007-Jul-22, 10:27 PM
Hi all

It's been 7 weeks since I've had the combination of free time, good seeing and clear skies all at once.

Last night it all came together, finally, and I was able to capture my first image (in seeing better than 2/10) since the 1st June!

Jupiter put on a great show in excellent seeing, and the seeing improved as Jupiter rose to almost overhead (76). The GRS is very prominent in this image, and Ganymede's shadow had just finished transit.

40s each channel at 30fps, 600 frames stacked in each channel.

The second attachment is of Ganymede itself, taken in it's own frame a few minutes earlier. It's been resized 250%, but with very minor sharpening (minor wavelets) in registax after stacking. No other post-process sharpening was done, just noise reduction and levels/curves for colour balance and contrast.

It was nice to be back in the saddle. The skies are predicted to be clear all week, so hopefully the seeing will stay good!

Thanks for looking.

2007-Jul-22, 11:07 PM
superb Mike!
both - the jupiter and the moon images!
I envy you - but I am happy with You!

2007-Jul-22, 11:36 PM
Very sharp Mike! Very nice resolution very detailed and beautiful colors. an Outstanding Photo as usual. Well done and more Clear Skies

2007-Jul-23, 12:50 AM
Beautiful. Jupiter is down in the muck for me at 47 degrees north. I haven't seen it that clear in several years.

2007-Jul-23, 05:12 AM
Lovely images, Mike!!!
Thanks for brightening my morning with such great stuff.

2007-Jul-23, 11:51 PM

Really remarkable. The colors and contrast in the clouds are outstanding. I wish Jupiter would get higher than 45 degrees -- I am at 33 degrees north and it stays low and in poor seeing.

2007-Jul-24, 12:55 PM
Very nice planetary shots, and great shots of the moons. Only a few more years and we'll have the high elevation on Jupiter too. Until then, we're stuck at 30 degrees, and the occasional lucky shot. Looking forward to more of your posts.


2007-Jul-25, 04:45 PM
A lot of detail. I envy you. It is hard to have a clear sky in Malaysia now. The weather is changing a lot recently. Now it is raining almost every day. Usually during May to Sept, Indonesia forest fire will destroy the sky of Malaysia. It seems no clear sky at all.

2007-Jul-25, 08:40 PM
Thanks for your comments, it was great to be out imaging again after such a long break.

2007-Jul-26, 10:41 AM
Congratulation's, Mike. I notice that your excellent image is featured on Universe Today. Apart from images from Hubble and other space craft, your pics of Jupiter are the best I have ever seen.


2007-Jul-26, 08:32 PM
Thanks Phil, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the heads-up.