View Full Version : Hey, who else is doing the GalaxyZoo thing?

2007-Jul-23, 09:11 PM
I just signed up for it, passed the trial, and am now an official GZ analyst, whatever the hell that means (probably not much). It is cool, though! :D

I'm just wondering if anybody else on BAUT signed up and who is QC'ing this whole process.

Added: I just did a bunch of them. Ooof, some of them were tough! I made my best guess. :shrug:

2007-Jul-26, 04:59 PM
I did it for a couple days when we had some downtime at work. It was pretty cool, but I agree that some of those are really tough. Hard to distinguish between Elliptical and Spiral when all you have are 14 pixels that are magnified to the point of being a shapeless blob. And figuring which direction the spiral is turning? Forget about it :)