View Full Version : stellar nurseries question

2007-Jul-25, 01:17 AM
After listening to the latest podcast, the question emerged.. Why stellar nurseries do not dissipate before stars are formed?
I am guessing the stellar wind plays a crucial role in wiping off the remnants of molecular clouds from star clusters after stars formation phase is complete, diminishing the mass of the new cluster-cloud system, but I am not sure why stars clusters tend to dissipate later, after formation? Is it because there is not enough mass left?
Or, is this dissipation tendency present even before the stars are formed, but it is simply not strong enough so the star formation has enough time to start taking place, prompted by localized collapse of part(s) of cloud, and possibly later pushed even further by stellar winds and/or supernova explosion(s)?

2007-Jul-25, 06:31 AM
Only now I saw that the question is already answered before..
Perhaps I should read all threads first, before I post a question :-)