View Full Version : Drunk Astronauts Were Allowed to Fly

2007-Jul-26, 07:58 PM
Now this is a NASA scandal that I never saw coming. Apparently twice in the past, shuttle astronauts were permitted to fly, even though they had levels of alcohol in their system so high they posed a risk to the shuttle mission. ...

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Lord Jubjub
2007-Jul-27, 02:24 AM
I had only heard that they had violated the 12-hour rule. Did they actually register in the 0.01-0.08 range? (I have never heard of impairment below the 0.01 point)

2007-Jul-27, 03:04 PM
Whilst it IS a surprise to many, even myself, it's really no different than airline pilots or a ship's crew being "tanked" when they "take command" of their craft. Stupid true, but not really something odd but in this case a very foolish thing to be doing especially when so many things "could" go wrong, and being ****ed whilst trying to get into a suit to an emergency EVA won't help.

*Shakes head*

2007-Jul-27, 11:08 PM
Are we sure that it is indeed astronauts that were drunk, and not NASA administrators? That would explain a lot.

2007-Jul-28, 12:54 AM
I swear man...ROLE MODELS!!!!! do it right and respect the job or get out of my face and get some people with common sense in there!

2007-Jul-28, 01:04 AM
With a proven failure rate of 1%, some valium might be in order before strapping yourself into that beast.