View Full Version : The straight wall and I think the X marks the spot

paul f. campbell
2007-Jul-26, 11:36 PM
Hi all.

Here is a mosaic from the other night. I was aiming for the famed Xspot, I dont know if I captured the X or not, but I see an X in this photo.

3 avi photos made up this mosaic. Taken with my etx 125 and a sac 7 camera.

2007-Jul-27, 12:26 AM
Paul, when was this taken? You have some of the west most part of "the X"
just south east of the "handle" of the sword...


paul f. campbell
2007-Jul-27, 12:32 AM
Hi Champ.

These photos were taken on 7/21/07 right around 11:00pm my time here in westren pa.

2007-Jul-27, 12:42 AM

One of us is confused... LOL

Isn't that a near last quarter phase pic that you posted, as opposed to a near first quarter phase; which was on/near july 21st 2007..?

?????? Thanks,


paul f. campbell
2007-Jul-27, 12:49 AM
Hi Champ.

I am wrong, this photo was taken on 7 /5/07.

2007-Jul-27, 12:57 AM
I should have said, I'm confused... LOL Ok, now I'm less confused...
You did get part of the "X" in that picture at least, but at a far less favorable phase..


2007-Jul-27, 01:05 AM
I think this is where the "x" is.....


paul f. campbell
2007-Jul-27, 01:10 AM
Thanks Champ I will try this again.

2007-Jul-27, 02:15 AM
Very cool!


2007-Jul-27, 06:49 AM
Hi Paul - Great image - thanks for posting it! Way back near the end of March, I posted this image which I first happened to observe through binoculars, so I decided to set up my telescope to capture it.


It shows the "X" off to the right of center, above the "25" in the text frame at the bottom.

Hope this helps in identifying the X. I was over at a friend's house for a birthday party last Saturday night, had one of my little telescopes (Orion Short-Tube 80 with a tripod) in the car, ready to go, but there wasn't enough time with all the party activities going on (Tahitian dancing performances, etc.) to even set it up. Bummer - I think the "X" was visible that night, and I would have loved to see it! :(

Clear skies!


2007-Jul-27, 08:49 AM
i can see it clearly now!

paul f. campbell
2007-Jul-27, 05:25 PM
Hi all

Thanks for looking, and thanks Dana with the help. I found a mosaic I took on 6/22/07, almost the same photo that you took. I will continue to look for this X spot, and I hope to capture a better image thanks again. Paul

2007-Jul-27, 11:53 PM
Very nice detail. That is what I call a "late X" (very late in its evolution, so to speak).


2007-Jul-27, 11:56 PM
Hi Paul "x" or no "x" It's a fine shot, very detailed and sharp.