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2007-Jul-27, 11:07 PM
We used to think that planets and their moons would form in the same way OUR solar system formed.... That being, the hot rocky planets closer to the star, and the giant gas planets farther away, but it seems today, that any variation can exist.

If all the planets are (most anyway) are formed from the dust left over from the formation OF the star...

Why wouldn't we see the same dispersion?

In other words....

If physics works the same everywhere... why do we see such a HUGE diversity in the way solar systems are created?

2007-Jul-30, 03:33 PM
Just because physics works the same everywhere doesn't mean it produces the same outcome every time.

The rules for evolution might be consistent everywhere but that doesn't mean they generate identical animals every time.

Also the view we have on planet formation is skewed because we only know about the ones that are visible. Large planets with small orbits are easiest to detect so that's what we're finding first.