View Full Version : Our Moon 7/27/07

paul f. campbell
2007-Jul-28, 04:56 AM
Hi all

Here are a few photos fron tonight, right around 11:30 pm my time. I used Al Paslow's C-8 and my sony cybershot for the shots. I cleaned them up in photoshop cs2 and noiseware. To much cloud cover to do any avi work.

2007-Jul-28, 08:48 PM
Hi Paul, they are all fine shots i like the first one lots of details and very nice greyscale. Clear Skies

2007-Jul-29, 05:22 AM

Nice shots as usual. I took the liberty of tweaking one of the full disk shots to increase the contrast. I used the HDRWavelet transform process in PixInsight, and then brightened up a bit with curves. Not realistic like your version, but it was fun to play with excellent source data.

You are the Moon king!