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2007-Jul-28, 01:40 PM
Today's UK national newspaper the Guardian has a page three lead about an explosion at the Mojave spaceport where the Virgin Galactic 'SpaceShip Two' is being developed. This is not a minor setback - three people have been killed, two are in critical conditon and one seriously injured.
See: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2007/jul/28/spaceexploration

According to the article the explosion occurred while testing a nitrous oxide injector, without fuel, and the cause is not known as yet. Article includes an aeriel picture showing a devastated compound about 100 yards across, but I can find no 'Net based pics as yet. A fuel tanker on its side, a crushed container lorry, what may have been a brick built bunker reduced to two walls and rubble everywhere.

The Scotsman reports the return to Mojave of a distraught Burt Rutan.
See: http://news.scotsman.com/international.cfm?id=1172552007


2007-Jul-28, 04:08 PM

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2007-Jul-30, 04:30 AM

Bricks are good against tropical storms, but most cyclone-prone cities build with steel-reinforced concrete to protect structures against hurricanes.

For potential rocket explosions, nothing but an angled bunker wall will do.

2007-Jul-30, 10:29 PM
Apologies, almost 24 hours after the other thread, this was hardly a scoop.
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