View Full Version : Poor Weather Might Take out Opportunity

2007-Aug-01, 07:43 PM
Okay, this is starting to get worrysome. As I reported twice in the past few weeks, there's a series of dust storms currently raging across the surface of Mars. ...

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2007-Aug-02, 04:07 PM
Darn it!
This makes me sad despite the fact that the little rovers have lasted MUCH longer than they should have. Just before it was going to drop down into Victoria crater. :cry:

Hang in there guys!

2007-Aug-03, 04:49 PM
The Rovers are like playing Tetras: No matter how well you brick the walls, eventually you are going to lose...unless the controllers wear out first. So far, the MERs have exceeded lifetime expectations by about eight Tetras' game controllers.