View Full Version : Got the NexStar 6 SE . . some comments and questions

2007-Aug-04, 12:39 AM
It looks like mother nature is not going to let me get "first light" with the new scope tonight so I thought I would write a short receiving inspection report.

1. Boxed very well, survived USP rough handling.
2. S/W installation was poor
3. Does anyone still have a laptop with an RS-232 port?
4. EP & Diag fit was a bit sloppy. I was expecting a smooth, snug fit. Normal?
5. Can't figure out if it has a wedge or not. Any help?
6. T-Adapter and T-Ring mated-up perfectly with Nikon D40.

Not much of a first night :(


2007-Aug-05, 05:31 AM
For a few bucks you can get a serial to USB converter. I use one with good results with my RoboFocuser. Why virtually all stick with the outdated RS-232 is a mystery but imagine cost of designing new circuits may plat a part in this practice. Even my Paramount ME uses an internal RS232 to USB converter rather than redesign the interface for today's computers. You'd think at its cost that wouldn't be such a kludge.

On the wedge you get one if you order one, they are extra so if you didn't order one you don't have one. It is usually steadier without the wedge and tracks fine visually. Works well for planetary photography and even track and accumulate deep sky photography with short exposures. The closer you are to the meridian the longer they can be before field rotation will ruin the shot.