View Full Version : Spaceweather Phone Alert Service

2003-Jul-04, 02:22 AM
Anybody here using this?
[linked to http://spaceweather.com/ homepage]
"...we'll phone you when things are happening in the sky. You'll never miss another meteor shower or geomagnetic storm... auroras...space station flybys (It's possible to listen to radio chatter from the ISS when it flies over your hometown)...new asteroids and comets...planetary alignments... "photo ops"...when solar flares explode, when solar wind gusts sweep past Earth, when the interplanetary magnetic field tilts south...your phone will ring. The voice you hear will be Dr. Tony Phillips telling you what to look for and when...we can phone every continent except Antarctica...$US 4.95/6.95/month..."

2003-Jul-04, 02:39 AM
protecting their economy i think, emails are easily autoforwarded to an infinite amount of people, i understand their interesting phone call version. I wonder if being on the oposite side of the world to the U.S that will i get my phone call at 4am ?