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2007-Aug-04, 07:37 PM
Disappeared from the Stargate universe at the beginning of season ten.

The Prometheus II (I've forgotten its name) needs to pick up Carter adrift in space before her space suit fails. They don't have time to wait until the beaming technology is restored and naturally, their EVA procedures are entirely dependent on the Asgard beams working with plan B whatsoever.

So they decide to pick her up by flying the Prometheus II towards her and capturing her in the landing bay. The problem is that this is a delicate operation because there is a risk of death if they hit her even at "minimum speed". During the operation, tension is supposedly raised by having everyone get concerned the spacecraft is going too fast, and yet the spacecraft can't be made to go any slower.

What is this minimum speed? It's a spacecraft!

Station keep with Carter (station keeping is a must for any vehicle that wants to call itself spacecraft). Then a gentle thrust forward and the spacecraft moves toward Carter slowly. Carter is captured in the landing bay. Reverse thrust and you're done.

It's called Newton's First Law.

2007-Aug-05, 05:53 PM
I do not remember if the sublight engine system of the Prometheus ever was explained, but my guess is that "minimum speed" is the velocity the craft gets from the shortest possible stable impulse of its engines. Chemical, electric, nuclear... all engine types have limitations that will give a lower limitation.

On the other side, it should be possible to reduce the speed with retros, as it is obvious that the ship have some way of reducing speed without turning around, but perhaps it does not have the accuracy for controlling its speed within a few m/s, as will be needed for this... As far as I remember the Prometheus was not made to dock with other spacecraft, so it might not have been concidered useful to have this sort of accuracy...