View Full Version : Could the Casimir effect be described as clipping the bottom of a waveform?

Michael Noonan
2007-Aug-07, 11:00 AM
I have seen that in certain circumstances that a waveform is clipped or appears to be flat at the bottom. Is this in any way related to the Casimir Effect?

Michael Noonan
2007-Aug-07, 12:51 PM
The reason I ask is to see if there is a link to the beam weapon effect found in the Tesla nozzle.

He created a negative differential by using compressed desiccated air powered to the tip of the nozzle. If the difference is more dependant on the pressure differential the by means of baffles or turbulence that negative pressure effect could be enhanced.

Once a beam has been created using a negative differential a coil could be put in line with that beam to feed more power into it.

The negative differential sets the range of the weapon and the coil gives either propulsion or destruction which ever is desired.

2007-Aug-11, 06:10 PM
A recent article spoke about how the casimir effect was reversed for levitation....could that be slaved to the effect you describe?

Michael Noonan
2007-Aug-12, 11:29 AM
A recent article spoke about how the casimir effect was reversed for levitation....could that be slaved to the effect you describe?

Thank you extremely much for that. This article here (http://www.scienceblog.com/cms/scientists-reverse-casimir-effect-13866.html) from the article

Theoretical physicists at the University of St Andrews have created `incredible levitation effects' by engineering the force of nature which normally causes objects to stick together by quantum force. By reversing this phenomenon, known as `Casimir force', the scientists hope to solve the problem of tiny objects sticking together in existing novel nanomachines.

I really wanted to be positive in application and am so glad you pointed this out publiusr. I was a bit worried that I had used a more terrorist approach than helpful when looking for answers.

What I really hope is that the combination of this sort of technology could also induce a vibration on a molecular scale to say break the tube structure in a virus like 'Ebola'. Rather than make the body fight it just find its frequency like tubular bells and shatter it so the body can absorb harmless fragments, cheers :)

Michael Noonan
2007-Aug-19, 05:51 PM
Rather than waste time on a new thread re:- clipping the negative energy potential I would like to consider this large scale effect based on this idea from Sir Roger Penrose.

Take an asteroid and create a cavity 100 km down in its centre. The lack of penetration of various energies causes this cavity to clip the bottom of the waveform and form a low end worm hole. Slight problem he points out is that it most likely seeks out a very high energy source. One way trip only and even that may not be comfortable.

So on the huge scale, the empty space between galaxies, so far from any energy produced may exhibit similar characteristics. Is this even remotely possible say thousands of light years from major sources of energy, all types.