View Full Version : Persied Meteor passes M45 Pleiades, Mars, and Hyades

2007-Aug-12, 02:08 PM

Here is a shot from Yellow Springs, Ohio captured this morning on August 12th around 4:00am, E.S.T.

Taken on a Orion EQ-1 portable mount,
Canon 10D DSLR(unmodified),
ISO 400, 20 mm lens @ F4,
Pointed towards the constellation of Taurus,
for a single 4 minutes exposure.

I Cropped the original image to show the main Objects...
M45 Pleiades Cluster (top)
Mars (center)
Hyades Cluster (bottom)
Persied Meteor (lower right)

Hopefully the weather stays clear again for tonight!

paul f. campbell
2007-Aug-12, 05:28 PM
Hi John
Well done. You have a very nice image. I was out Friday night and Saturday night for maybe two hours each night and I have seen a total 25 meteors. The sky glow here is a little much for taking photos. Thanks for sharing clear skies to you Paul

2007-Aug-12, 06:40 PM
Great shot John.

I'm up in the Anza Valley in Southern California and hope to get some pictures tonight. I'm using an old-fashioned film camera (Nikon FM-2) so I'll have to wait to post, if I get anything useful. It was clear last night and I'm hoping for a repeat tonight.

2007-Aug-12, 10:47 PM
That's a beautiful picture even without the meteor.

2007-Aug-13, 09:21 AM
Thanks to all,

I tried again tonight but heavy high cirrus obscured the view although saw about 20 or so, even through the clouds.

I'll have try again next year!

2007-Aug-13, 11:19 AM
I hope to get out early this morning as well as the air here is supposed to be clear cold and still. Won't capture any thing a lovely as that though!

Kind regards