View Full Version : out of the blue - on sci fi channel

2003-Jul-07, 09:56 PM
i thought that this program was done fairly well, did anyone else see it? i am usually VERY skeptical, which is why i like this site, but this show had me think about some things. i liked how they started the show saying that 95% of all ufo sightings are explained rationally and listed those explainations. then they said they were going to focus on the other 5%. i liked that they just told facts, had interviews with credible (not some "hey, ma, der's that dang flyin' jigger up yonder again!" guy with 3 teeth) people, didn't speculate about things, and it was done very professionally. please tell me what you thought of it if you saw it. it didn't convince me that aliens are visiting us, but i thought it was pretty well done.

2003-Jul-09, 12:21 AM
I have not seen the show but it sounds like it'd be worth the time to see. Did they mention whether they'd rerun the show? Did they give a time/date?

2003-Jul-09, 09:11 PM
no they didn't mention it, but i'm sure it'll come on again.
i originally found out about it 2 hours before it came on when the guy that made it was being interviewed on cnn headline news. how they were talking about it, it seemed pretty good. i was honestly impressed.

not to say that cnn is extremely credible. just after this program i put cnn on again and larry king was interviewing some ufo kooks.