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paul f. campbell
2007-Aug-21, 11:23 PM
Hi all.
Here are two photos of Hipparchus. They are final images from 30 sec avi's. 1/100 of a sec 30 fps. processed in registax and cleaned up in photoshop cs2. the avi was taken using my etx 125 and a sac7 ccd with a 0.5 tele.

2007-Aug-22, 12:37 AM
Nice Paul.

2007-Aug-22, 04:41 AM
Nice shots Paul and a nice region of the moon.

2007-Aug-22, 04:46 AM
Paul, as usual, your Moon shots are excellent.

You should try PixInsight on your original data. The software is outstanding and, for now, the price is right -- free. They have an impressive tutorial (http://pleiades-astrophoto.com/examples/deconvolution/moon/en.html) on how to process a high-res lunar image. Just follow the link.

paul f. campbell
2007-Aug-22, 10:12 AM
Thanks guys.
Andy. I will try pixsInsight out, I have the program but I have not worked with it. I will give it a try and thanks for the tutorial. Clear skies to all Paul

Kyle Edwards
2007-Aug-22, 11:06 PM
Nice pictures, there is alot of detail there.

2007-Aug-26, 02:47 AM
Nice picture, Paul.

I encourage you to submit the first photo to the LPOD Photo Galley (http://www.lpod.org/coppermine/index.php?cat=0) and I will post it on the Hipparchus (http://the-moon.wikispaces.com/Hipparchus) page of the-Moon Wiki.

I love Moon pictures! :lol:

Mark Tillotson