View Full Version : First Quarter Moon images from August 20th

2007-Aug-24, 12:16 AM
Hi guys – here are two more offerings from the “first light” series for my Meade DSI recently purchased.

Equipment set-up was as follows: Losmandy G11 Gemini mount polar aligned using the (optional) Losmandy polar alignment scope; Meade Series 5000 80mm APO refractor for the First Quarter Moon image; Celestron C11 for the Moon Craters image; Meade DSI mounted in prime focus configuration for both shots.

Image data: First Quarter Moon image – this was a batch of 401 individual shots taken with the DSI (average file size was 17K in jpg format). All images were fed into RegiStax 4.0 for processing. RegiStax selected the best images, and was used to apply moderate wavelet filtering. PhotoShop CS was then used to adjust the levels and curves, and Noel Carboni’s Astro Tools plug-in for PhotoShop applied the frame addition.

For the Moon Craters image, 186 individual shots were taken (21.5Kb each). Otherwise, same processing as described above.

Comments, questions and critiques welcome :)

Clear skies!


2007-Aug-24, 12:22 AM
Very nice Paul. :)

2007-Aug-27, 02:22 AM
Paul, both are fine shots very nice indeed. Clear Skies

2007-Aug-31, 05:41 AM
Thanks, Tim and Efrain for the kind words! Clear skies!