View Full Version : another moon attempt\full shot

2007-Aug-24, 03:29 PM
again it took another shot of hte moon, i guess that i am having a hard time getting the scope out of town with my work schedual, and the smoke from the forest fires. anyhow here is an attempt at the moon that i took last night, i shot through the scope with some pvc pipe i set up as an adapter. it didnt fit as well as i wanted so i still had to hand hold the camera. but they turned out ok.. again little editing with this, i think i cropped 10% and i did some sharpening.

2007-Aug-24, 04:18 PM
Nice shot webejamn! I really like full disk pictures of the Moon. Focus and sharpness looks pretty good too.

2007-Aug-24, 04:26 PM
Very good photo. Thanks for posting!

paul f. campbell
2007-Aug-25, 12:03 AM
Hi Webejamn.
Your new Moon photo is 100% better. I liked your Idea with the pvc pipe, I would have tried that. I ran your photo through photoshop cs2. I used smart sharpen, then the unsharp mask function to highlight the image, then I used the curve funtion to lighten it up a bit, thanks to Auto club and Andy schlein who have sold me on this funtion in photoshop.

After that I went to noiseware and did what it does. Your first photos are good infact they are better then anything I took at the start. Thanks to alot of folks on this forum I am better at this then I was 4 years ago, and theres still alot to learn. Clear skis to you. Paul

2007-Aug-27, 02:30 AM
Webejaman being inovative paid off well, great shot. Well Done!