View Full Version : coming fashions in every new year.

2007-Aug-25, 05:03 PM
sometime people wrap old fashions of clothing, but today there are several fashions are came in the market, and people are following that, tight pants ( which may make you uneasy), the satin clothes (which may make your skin sensitive). No one has stopped by adopting a new fashion, people are doing daily a new fashion, even there are several types of tie(s), belts mounted with steel designs over it, the fancy tatoos on the t-shirts, jersey, pants, bermuda half pants, and every where there is a great boom in this field which can be seen easily everywhere. Thanks to fashion starters and their makers, their heads(brains) are superb.

meanwhile there was a time when the old fashions takes place once again, later old fashions gone away, new curtailed fashions are fastly coming, and most of the people weares the garments "by looking into the tv", because tv is a mirror for them.

PS: cotton is the best in wearings like shirts/trousers/pants, because it do not become so hot, there is natural cooling effect into it.