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paul f. campbell
2007-Sep-02, 10:51 PM
Hi all.
Here is a final photo of M-22 taken by Dan McKeel from his home in western Pa. He is a member of the mingo creek observatory. He took 76 images, 20 sec each, using a Meade 12 inch goto and a canon dslr.

I wish I could make this larger, when seen at 13.m its way cool.

Clear skie to all.

2007-Sep-02, 10:55 PM
Beautiful! Thanks Paul.

Info from wikipedia - for me and other novices:

Messier 22 (also known as M22 or NGC 6656) is an elliptical globular cluster in the constellation Sagittarius near the Galactic bulge region. It is one of the brightest globulars that is visible in the night sky.

M22 is one of the nearer globular clusters to Earth at a distance of about 10,600 light-years away

2007-Sep-03, 12:42 AM
There is hope for those of us who are limited to shorter exposure times. Beautiful.

Kind regards

2007-Sep-03, 02:14 AM
Nice Cluster Paul.

2007-Sep-03, 10:24 AM
It really is a stunning object..and ranks just after Tuc 47 and Omega Centauri for the wow factor as far as I am concerned

2007-Sep-03, 05:24 PM
nice job! I like the golden touch in the stars

2007-Sep-03, 06:38 PM
That's a beautiful image. I have a 12" Meade and Canon DSLR so it's time for me to try some real deep sky stuff like this.
Paul, can you give any more details on the process?

paul f. campbell
2007-Sep-03, 09:00 PM
Hi guys.
I will let Dan know that his photo is liked. Thanks. SiriusDoggy. I will get back to you on the processing that Dan uses. Clear skies to all... Paul