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2007-Sep-06, 06:12 AM

A long time since I posted here, (May 2005) - how time flies when lots of astronomy to do. This is my return contribution.

I have recently been involved from Tasmania with two other Australian observatories in Victoria and Queensland, transmitting a continous live feed of the entire total eclipse, to Discovery in Singapore.

The 3 separate feeds went to Melbourne, then the UK and then to Discovery in Singapore and out to the world, in what I believe is an Aussie first.

This project is the brainchild of documentary film maker, Robert Gough, of Antipodean Media in Melbourne with a team from Discovery.

It was very successful and perhaps the entries made by Jonathan Maron, of Imaging Source in Germany, has outlined the progress very well from start to finish. The project has given world wide promotion for IS Astro Firewire camera's, and amateur astronomy in Australia

Follow this link and then check out each separate link for further details, images, radio interview, and newspaper cuttings. Also check out Jonathan' daily Blog.



A DVD will be produced which will include all the preparation, film clips interviews and edited highlight of the eclipse itself.

On the night I had three camera systems running, a donated 1/2" Firewire camera ( DFK 41AF02.AS) from Jonathan Maron, on a William Optics Megrez 90 APO, a Nikon D200 SLR on a Takahashi FS-102, and a third Sony High Res ExWave 1/2" CCD coupled to a Canon 70 200 f/2.8L SLR lens with a 2x telenegative lens, recording the entire eclipse to a Casablanca AVIO digital editing recorder.

Selection of images, setting up the night before, scopes & PC hardware etc, Laptop control of D200 for still shots, Mid eclipse with Moon thro' the slit, and a screen shot of Discovery on-line.


Shevill Mathers
Southern Cross Observatory - Tasmania
Associate Editor Sky and Space Magazine. www.skyandspace.com.au

paul f. campbell
2007-Sep-06, 11:56 PM
Hi Shevill.
Yes it has been a very long time. I am glad to hear from you. Nice job on the eclipse, and nice site you got going there. Please dont be a stranger. Thanks. Clear skies.

2007-Sep-07, 12:50 AM
Hello Paul,

Thanks for the wlcome back, I am amazed just how fast the time has gone. Much of my time is taken up with astronomy outreach, public shows, talks, media interviews etc, which all takes up time. I am very involved with the SKY and Space magazine as well as other glossy magazines I write for.

My homebuilt 16" fork mounted scope to replace the current (pics below) 12" f/5 - is taking longer than I thought, mainly because I sidestepped to build another smaller observatory (OctaDome) to house my Alhena mount with its three scopes.

I will post more images of projects, but here are a couple, the Alhena GEM with FS2 Control, Meade SN-10 with various mods, now in tube rotators as it the Tak E180 Astrograph. The third scope a Tak Mewlon 210 will fit in the middle and above with the Starlight Express Adaptive Optics unit and CCD guider.

This system will be used with my Cooled & filter modded 350D (http://www.centralds.net/) and D50 with no filter for IR etc.

So, I have not been idle as you can see, I have been involved with the Tasmania University and overseas astronomers -recording two Pluto occultations (2006 & 2007) with their telescopes just up the road 5 minutes away from me at their Mt Canopus optical observatory site. The Picasa link below has images of all these events/scopes etc.

A bit more feed back on the Lunar Eclipse: http://www.astronomycamerasblog.com/feed/

Clear skies...

2007-Sep-07, 05:19 PM
Hi Shevill, Thank you for the infomative post. and my hat off to you in contributing to the amateur astronomy community and pros. Well Done and Clear Skies.