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2007-Sep-13, 03:02 AM
Keeping with my taste for very faint, obscure nebulae I imaged vdB14 and 15 over the last few nights. I thought I'd get these with more detail but I guess they are so faint that it will take a lot more exposure time to get better detail and color S/N. Never the less they are not imaged very often (and I know why) but this is what I came up with:


They are faint but pretty.

Comments and criticism welcome.


2007-Sep-13, 03:18 AM
I really like how the varying densities over the extent of the nebulae is captured, and the rich starfield behind.

2007-Sep-13, 04:31 AM
Really Pretty indeed!
As if.. it's surrounded with gems and diamonds.

Thanks for sharing.


2007-Sep-13, 10:49 AM
yet another great image !
yes very pretty objects.

just love these obscure and fascinating objects you manage to capture-thanks for sharing

2007-Sep-13, 04:57 PM
Wow. These are very interesting. These particular clouds are illuminated by the internal stellar light, correct?

2007-Sep-13, 05:04 PM
A beautiful object. Thanks

Kind regards

2007-Sep-13, 11:12 PM
Hi Tom, It might be faint but it's sure beautiful the colors are simply tops. Lots of hard work but with Amazing results the central star and it's blue hue gives it depth. Outstanding Tom looking forward for more and Clear Skies